Collingwood School and Media Arts College is a Special Educational School for pupils aged 2-19 with Speech, Language and Communication needs; Autism Spectrum Disorder and social and emotional mental health disorders. We admit young people with learning difficulties who have a rate of acquisition and/or degree of retention of knowledge and educational skills across all National Curriculum core subjects significantly lower than normally expected. Pupils may have communication difficulties which limits their access to the curriculum in a mainstream setting.

Parents are encouraged to visit our school however we will not comment on the appropriateness of our provision for their child’s needs.

Pupils are admitted to Collingwood via Northumberland County Council through the Educational Health Care process if everyone is agreed that Collingwood is the most suitable to meet needs.

An induction programme, appropriate to the individual child, is drawn up to support the transfer to Collingwood School and Media Arts College. This may include:

  • Parent visits
  • Staff assessments of pupil in school setting
  • Pupil visits
  • Part-time placements

Whether your child is ready to start straight in class with their peers or whether they need small steps in order to gain confidence and trust in us; we have a variety of approaches available to get your child learning. We aim to make the transition to Collingwood as smooth as possible.

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