Online Safety

The safety of the internet is a complex and dynamic topic. While the internet offers numerous benefits and opportunities, it also presents certain risks and challenges.

Keeping children safe online is a vital concern for parents and carers in today’s digital age.

This page has links to resources and advice on how to keep the internet safe for you and your child. We also update this page with information on the latest threats and issues online.

Advice on Super Mario Logan and Happy Tree Friends

A number of concerns have been raised regarding the unsuitable website content of 'Super Mario Logan' (featuring the puppet Jeffy) and 'Happy Tree Friends'.
We have advice and guidance for you on the link below.

Using a tablet online

NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online

The NSPCC online safety hub offers advice for parents, from social media to online games to parental controls. Their guides help you make informed decisions and help keep your child safe.


It's never easy to know how to keep our children safe when they aren't with us, and sometimes even when they are, if we don't know what's happening in their lives or on their devices! Who are they talking to, what are they doing, are they okay? Don't despair though...DigiSafe have advice and tips on the link below.

Omegle Guidance - Is it safe?

Omegle has been a headache for those concerned with protecting children for a decade and a half. On first glance the site is a simple internet chatroom designed with the originally innocent objective of getting strangers to talk to each other, but this allows under-18s to easily use the platform, without needing parental assistance, money or even an email address. This already creates a dangerous situation to young pupils, but its insistence on users needing a webcam to chat places anyone underage in an extremely vulnerable place. To find out more about Omegle and the risks it poses, please follow the links below

BBC Own It

Aimed at helping young people navigate the online world safely and responsibly. The campaign was launched by the BBC in 2019 to provide support, guidance, and resources to children and teenagers as they use digital platforms and engage with online content.

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