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About the Stone Bank Project

The Collingwood Stone Bank Project is all about wellbeing, goodwill and spreading a little artistic joy!

The aim is to create a bank of painted stones then spread them around the planet. As many of our students and staff as possible have made one or more painted stones with a positive message. These are added to our Stone Bank. Anyone can then make a withdrawal from the bank. Take one or more stones. Take them on a walk and leave them to be found. Take them to Plessey Woods. Take them to Spain. Take them to the Alnwick Garden. Take them to Cornwall or the Highlands of Scotland. Spread the joy!

But this has been done before. What are we doing differently? Well, we are adding QR codes and a school logo to the reverse of every stone. Scanning the QR code will open up a Collingwood Link webpage (erm… this one, actually) where we showcase the project. 

If you are here because you have found a stone, why not send us a picture of the stone? Or send us a picture of you with the stone? Or simply send us a comment? Then why don’t you take the stone with you on a journey and leave it somewhere for someone else to find? A message form is below as well as an email address where you can send your photographs.

The Stone Bank Gallery

Get In Touch...

We would love to hear from you.
If you have found a stone you can use the quick email form here to send us a message. If you would like to send us a picture to add to the Stone Bank gallery please email it to:

Please note: If you have had any issues with sending pictures to us please try again. We had a problem!


“Stone left at Cresswell beach…” (Kelly)

“Found a stone in a wall near Bassenthwaite lake. Have sent you a photo. What a great idea. Best wishes.” (Geoff) 
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